Build Your Own Cloud Empire

Have an idea for a vertical market solution that inherits from a full-featured ERP system? UA Business Cloud provides a turnkey platform for building an OEM solution. Create and monetize powerful industry verticals, literally in minutes.

The world’s only open-source cloud accounting and ERP platform.

Private Labeled

The solutions you build are uniquely yours and contain only your branding. UA Business Cloud is simply the backbone for the core accounting and ERP features, which you can customize for your target industry.

We Handle the Plumbing

UA Business Cloud handles all of the intricacies for you, including customer provisioning, recurring billing of clients, multi-tenancy, and more. You can also define your own packages and pricing.

Scale and Elasticity

Whether your solution is targeted at 10 users or hundreds of thousands, the UA Business Cloud platform can scale to meet your needs. Each package can have its own SLA, and we manage your cloud infrastructure accordingly.

Case Study: MarineCFO

MarineCFO is an industry leader in the global marine transportation software industry. When their customers started to ask about a cloud and mobile version, MarineCFO turned to UA Business Cloud.

The cloud version of MarineCFO needed robust accounting, payroll, and a general ledger. MarineCFO simply selected these modules, made a few enhancements, and was up and running in a few weeks.

Visit the MarineCFO Home Page

Case Study: MasterPeace Live!

The owners of MasterPeace Live! had domain expertize in the Salon industry, and wanted to create a cloud-based solution for salons. Using the UA Business Cloud platform, they created a successful product that leveraged their industry knowledge, without the need to understand the underlying technology, or take a bigger risk by hiring and managing a development team.

MasterPeace did not want sophisticated accounting features, but did need billing, inventory, and purchasing. They configured the base UA Business Cloud accounting features to be simpler, which was better for their target market.

Vistit the MasterPeace live® Home Page

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea for a vertical market solution. How do I start?

UA Business Cloud has a wealth of pre-built accounting and ERP features, like billing, payables, inventory, payroll and more. There are over 1000 features to choose from. You start by selecting which of these features your solutions needs. You can then customize these features, adding or taking away complexity. Finally, you can add entirely new features that make up your final solution.

I am an existing software company that wants to move to the cloud. Can you help?

Yes. UA Business Cloud offers reverse engineering tools that can lift and shift your data model to the cloud. You can then leverage existing functionality in UA, or use tools to create your own screens.

Does it come with source code?

Yes. For ISV’s, we create a sandbox environment and provide you the base code for the entire product. It also includes a complete SDLC process and code repository.

Is there a built-in DevOps and SDLC process?

Yes. When you sign up, we provide you an ISV environment, which includes a development, staging, beta, and production environment.

Can I use my own branding?

Yes. Users are not even aware that you leverage UA Business Cloud for core ERP and accounting features, as well as hosting.

How do I collect my subscription fees?

UA Business Cloud handles the billing of your customers. You use the ISV environment to define your own packages and related costs, as well as the recurring billing attributes of each package. As the funds are processed, we automatically deposit your portion of the proceeds into your bank account.

What does it cost me?

Each solution is different, with different SLA requirements, storage, and usage. We recognize that some solutions will need to have a very low monthly subscription to be commercially viable, while others may appeal to a more sophisticated market. For these reasons, we will work with you to devise pricing models that work, and meet the needs of your customers.

Can I offer a Freemium or Trial Membership to my potential customers?

Yes! One of the best ways to attract customers is to let them try before they buy. We allow you to create trial packages for your solutions that do not prompt potential users for credit card information.

Interesting in Building Your Own Industry Solution?

Have additional questions on building industry solutions using the UA Business Cloud? Please don’t hesitate to contact an ISV specialist today!