Simple to Customize

The UA Business Cloud Design Studio lets you quickly and easily customize your environment to match your exact business needs.


Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a computer programmer to make substantial changes to UA Business Cloud. Our intuitive tools make customizations quick and easy.


Drag & Drop Builder

To modify an existing screen, simply drag a field or control onto the canvas, and drop it where you want it to appear. You will also use drag and drop controls to build custom workflows, business rules, and automations.



All of your customizations will run in the browser version of UA Business Cloud, and also within a browser on your smart phone or tablet device.

How Does it Work?

It’s a simple 3 step process than anyone can do!

Start by using the UA Business Cloud Design Studio. You can open an existing form and use your mouse to re-organize the screen, add new items,ย or set other properties, like whether or not something is required, or how many characters it should contain. You can also create completely new screens and add them to your menu.

After you modify or create screens, you can then deploy those changes to a test environment. You can evaluate those changes yourself, or let other “beta” testers look at your proposed changes. These changes are not yet deployed to production, but are completely functional in a special environment designed for testing.

Once everything has been tested, it’s time to deploy your masterpiece! Use the built-in version control manager to create a new version, and deploy that version into your production environment. These changes are now “official” and part of your customized version of UA Business Cloud. It’s that simple!

Advanced Customizations Made Easy!

Custom Menus

New Pages

Definable Worflow

Custom Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a programmer to customize UA Business Cloud?

No, customizing UA is simple and intuitive. You can start with an existing screen to see how it is designed and make changes from there. And don’t worry, you can always undo your changes if you decide to.

Are my changes immediate?

No. You do your design work in an offline environment, saving your work as you go. When you are ready to, you can publish those changes to a staging area for testing and evaluation. Once the testing is complete, you can then deploy your changes into the production environment.

Can I still receive updates from UA after I make changes?

Yes. UA Business Cloud “understands” the changes you have made and will never overwrite them. Your changes will always “stick”, even after major updates from us.

If I have more than one company, do my changes apply to all of those companies?

Each company or set of books that you manage in UA Business Cloud is independent. Therefore, you can make changes in one company that do not necessarily have to appear in another company.

Are there any limts of the number of changes I can make?

No. Your subscription to US Business Cloud allows you to make an unlimited number of changes to existing screens. You can also create an unlimited number of new screens, workflows, and automations.

We're Happy to Help

Still have questions on how to customize UA Business Cloud? Feel free to contact us without obligation.