Cloud accounting and ERP, for the mobile workforce.

UA Business Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing and growing your business.

General Ledger

The UA Business Cloud General Ledger provides a comprehensive way to organize, categorize, and analyze financial transactions. The Setup Wizard gets you up and running quickly. Unlimited account segmentation, robust financial reporting, and comprehensive accounting controls make the UA Business Cloud General Ledger a great choice for any company.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module allows you to effectively manage the entire payables process, from organizing vendors, establishing terms, recording payables, making payments, and analyzing costs. Key Performance Indicators and reports allow you to accurately interpret information and detect hidden trends.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module gives you complete control over invoicing, managing customers, and collecting payments. You can also establish terms, work with overdue accounts, and issue credits. Key reports and business indicators allow you to optimize cash flow and accurately produce agings.


The Sales Management module gives you the tools to administer the sales order lifecycle, from tracking inventory, creating quotes and sales orders, processing fulfillment, and shipping. Key Performance Indicators and other dashboard elements allow you to accurately quantify results, track costs, and manage sales commissions.

Materials Management

The Material Management module is a complete inventory control system. It allows you to maintain multiple warehouses, stock, reorder levels, valuations, pricing, physical counts, and more. It seamlessly unites inventory transactions used by other modules, such as purchasing, sales orders, and accounts payable.

Human Capital

The Human Capital module is a turn-key human resources system. It handles all aspects of managing your most valuable asset; your personnel. Maintain employees, process payroll, track training and certifications, generate schedules, and more.

Purchasing Management

The Purchasing module is a vital component to your overall supply chain management strategy, from organizing vendors, responding to requisitions, generating RFQ’s, comparing vendor quotations, awarding purchase orders, and handling the receipt of goods process. Key Performance Indicators and other reporting tools allow you to methodically track costs, trends, and control inventory.


The Executive Dashboard is oriented for managers, executives, and business owners. It provides a company level roll-up view that also offers drill-down. Module level dashboards can be used by department heads to see information related to a specific area, like Receivables or Payroll. Finally, there are also configurable graphs and pivot tables to give insight into specific features or areas of concern, like inventory valuation, or financial statements.

Customize to fit your needs.

Select only the modules you need to run your business, like Accounts Receivable or Inventory
Easy to use tools, like Design Studio, make it simple to configure UA Business Cloud for your exact business needs
All users working in one unified system
Everything you need to run your business, from managing customers to tracking costs
Full-featured API allows you to connect UA Business Cloud to other systems, seamlessly and easily

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