Design Studio

A powerful, yet easy to use tool that allows you to enhance UA Business Cloud for your unique needs.

Entrepeneurs & ISV's

We have created an enabling technology platform
to both accelerate and reduce the costs and risks
associated with creating new cloud ventures.

Modules & Features

Powerful financials and streamlined processes
give you everything you need to run a world-class business.

Product Highlights

Deploy & Customize

Select only the modules you need to run your business, like Accounts Receivable or Inventory
Easy to use tools, like Design Studio, make it simple to configure UA Business Cloud for your exact business needs
All users working in one unified system
Everything you need to run your business, from managing customers to tracking costs
Full-featured API allows you to connect UA Business Cloud to other systems, seamlessly and easily

Platform for Creating Industry Standards

  • ISV enablement: turn your domain expertise and idea into a cloud empire
  • Start with a powerful accounting system: then add the industry-specific functionality with simple to use tools
  • Private label or OEM: End users perceive the product as yours – brand the product as you see fit
  • Tenant management: create users, provision tenants, and monitor usage with the built-in UA Business tools
  • Support infrastructure: UA Business Cloud even sets up your support staff, user forums, and knowledge base

Powerful Financials & Streamlined Processes

  • World-class financials: Everything you need to manage a world-class business
  • Improve efficiency: analyze data in real-time for up-to-the-minute and accurate decisions
  • Grows with you: whether your have one location, or multiple locations around the world, VerticaLive brings them all into one environment
  • Simplify processes: implement streamlined processes that you can tweak over time

Flexible Payment Options

  • Choose how you want to pay:  choose from a monthly fee or annual payment option
  • Pay for only what you need: add or remove features at any time
  • Reduce IT costs: leverage the cloud, by reducing IT staff and hardware costs
  • Easy to buy: Get up and running in a single day

Insightful Key Performance Indictators

  • Analyze trends: meaningful charts and key performance indicators highlight things for you to watch
  • Spot anomalies: detect changes in cash flow, productivity, or costs at a glance
  • Move at the right time: real-time status indicators let you make just-in-time decisions, reducing costs

Ready to See UA Business Cloud in Action?

One of our trained experts can give you a preview and show you how UA Business Cloud can work with your business.