Materials Management

UA Business Cloud offers a comprehensive way to take complete ownership of your inventory. Multiple warehouses, inventories, valuation methods, pricing schedules, and a lot more.

With the UA Business Cloud Materials Management module, you can easily manage and maintain the complete inventory lifecycle, from requisitions, stocking, valuing, to selling. Graphical drill downs provide a keen insight into the flow of materials in and out of the company. You can also optimize warehouses, suppliers, reordering, and more.


Some of what you can do with Materials Management in the cloud.

- Inventory
- Evaluation management
- Pricing management
- Pricing classes
- Industry sectors
- Costing
- Serialization

- Kits
- Bill of Materials
- Suppliers
- Requisitioning
- Physical counts
- Raw materials
- Explosions

- Lot tracking
- Hazardous materials
- Core returns
- Warehouse optimization
- Procurement
- Weights and UOM
- UOM conversions

- Images and file attachments
- Location management
- Substitutions
- Handling
- Planning

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